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Here are a couple of guidelines to help you compare the wedding venues:

1) The most important feature to consider is the atmosphere of the venue. You must ask yourself: Do we feel welcome at the wedding venue? Does the building style fit into the theme of your ceremony?

2) From a practical point of view: How far is the venue from the church? What is the quality of the road? Is there enough parking?

3) Make sure you have a list of everything the price includes. This way you can make accurate comparisons between venues.

4) Have a good look at the garden. Does it have backgrounds for a potential photo session?

5) Calculate how much you will have to spend on decor at each of the venues. Are you being given a blank canvas to work with or does the venue already have aesthetic features to enhance the ambiance of your function.

6) If the venue is supplying the catering ensure that the food meets your requirements by organizing a tasting prior to your function.

7) Another important factor of the wedding venues is how helpful the management staff are.

8) Is the building well-kept and maintained? – As this can also give you an indication of the level of service you will receive.

9.) Does the venue have any accreditation, such as star rating? Please call if you have any queries about the Mount Edgecombe Conference Center. Visit our venue for a complete breakdown and presentation. Venue must be seen to be appreciated.

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